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. The Yajurveda deals with

(1) Philosophy

(2) Science of Ayurveda

(3) Music

(4) Formulae and prayer of performances of sacrifices

. The Yajurveda deals with (1) Philosophy (2) Science of Ayurveda (3) Music (4) Formulae..

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( 4 ) Formulae and prayer of performances of sacrifices

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In Palanati battle Kakatiyas helped to: (a) Malideva (b) Nalagama (c) Brahmanaidu (d) None

1 Answers  

Who is the Chairman of the Estimates Committee in the Parliament at present? (1) Raj Singh Chauhan (2) Umareddy Venkateswarlu (3) Yerrannaidu (4) Bidyuthnath Sinha

2 Answers  

In Andhra where the ‘Do or Die’ call was noticed (a) Nellore District Circular (b) Kurnool Circular (c) Krishna District Circular (d) Vijayawada circular

1 Answers  

Who appoints the Chief Minister of a State? (1) The Governor (2) The Speaker (3) The President of India (4) The Governor in consultation with the Speaker

6 Answers   Government, RRB,

Karmapa is the head of (1) the Gelugpa set of Buddhism (2) the Kargyupa sect of Buddhism (3) the Zen sect of Buddhism (4) the Theravada sect of Buddhism

1 Answers  

Who was known as ‘Thrisamudratoya pitavahana’ in Satavahanas: (a) Gautamiputra Yajnasri (b) Hala (c) Gautamiputra Satakarni (d) Krishna

1 Answers  

The domenent Religion in Kakatiyas period: (a) Jainism (b) Saivism (c) Vishnavism (d) Buddism

2 Answers  

The book ‘Nitisara’ was written by: (a) Prola-II (b) Rudradeva (c) Ganapathideva (d) Rudramba

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‘Operation Stabilize’ is related to (1) West Asian Peace Talks (2) East Timor (3) China – Hong Kong conflict (4) India’s Kargil operations

1 Answers  

Tobacco industry is mostly grown in : (a) Guntur (b) Kurnoor (c) East Godavari (d) None

1 Answers  

. The Tropic of cancer is passing through the following states (1) Bihar and West Bengal (2) Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka (3) Maharashtra and Gujarat (4) Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh

2 Answers  

. Largest multi-purpose river project is (1) Bakra-Nangal (2) Sreesailam (3) Thungabhadr (4) Mettur

3 Answers