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During whose reign the Reddi kingdom witnessed the downfall?

(a) Allada Reddi

(b) Kumaragiri Reddi

(c) Racha Vema Reddi

(d) Anavema Reddi

During whose reign the Reddi kingdom witnessed the downfall? (a) Allada Reddi (b) Kumaragiri R..

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( c ) Racha Vema Reddi

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All disputes regarding the election of the President are decided by (1) The Supreme Court (2) The Parliament (3) The Election Commission (4) None of the above

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. The President Rule is imposed in a State (1) When Chief Minister misbehaves (2) When Governor becomes disloyal to the Central (3) When there is breakdown of Constitution machinery (4) When there is police firing

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. Who gave the constitution to us? (1) The British (2) The Women of India (3) The People of India (4) The Children of India

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. Which of the following is a primary occupation? (1) Communication (2) Diamond cutting (3) Lumbering (4) None of these

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Who was the founder of the Sunga dynasty? (1) Pushyamitra (2) Sagamitra (3) Dantivaman (4) Yasovarman

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According to the Constitution of India, the freedom to form association may be restricted in the interest of (1) The security of India (2) Friendly relations with foreign countries (3) Contempt of court (4) Public order

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Forests are more in: (a) Khammam (b) Cuddapah (c) Chittoor (d) Adilabad

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. The deepest mine in the world (about 4 km deep) is in the Continent of (1) Africa (2) Asia (3) North America (4) South America

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. The Vice-President of India is (1) Appointed by the President (2) Elected by the people (3) Elected by Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha (4) Elected by State Legislatures

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Normally how does the timings of Group II exams will be ?

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The acid generally used in storage batteries is (1) Sulphuric acid (2) Nitric acid (3) Hydrochloric acid (4) Acetic acid

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Capital of the Salankayanas was: (a) Vengipuram or Vengi near Eluru (b) Vinukonda (c) Amaravathi (d) None

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