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. Who was hanged to death for throwing bomb in the Central
Assembly in Delhi

(1) Jatin Das

(2) Bhagat Singh

(3) Joglekar

(4) None

. Who was hanged to death for throwing bomb in the Central Assembly in Delhi (1) Jatin Das (2..

Answer / guest

( 2 ) Bhagat Singh

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The most important feature of the Chola administration was: (a) The nagarapalikas (b) The local self Government (c) Variams (d) Sabha

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Capital of the Brihatpalayanas was: (a) Guduru near Machilipatnam (b) Kondamudi (c) Rajamundry (d) None

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. How many kind of emergencies are provided in the Indian constitution? (1) Two kinds (2) One kind (3) Three kinds (4) Four kinds

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Which of the following sources of the early period has mentioned about Telugus? (1) Rigveda (2) Arthasastra (3) Rajatarangini (4) Itareya Brahmana

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. Vanaspathi industry is concentrated in (1) Maharashtra (2) Gujarat (3) Both 1 & 2 (4) None

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The professional dancer who dedicated her life for the cause of freedom struggle came under the influence of Gandhiji Non-Cooperation Movement? (a) Yamini Seethamma (b) Yamini Purna Tilakam (c) Yamini Krishnamurthy (d) Maganti Seethadevi

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. The supreme commander of defence force in India is the (1) The Prime Minister (2) The President (3) The Defence minister (4) Speaker of the Lok Sabha

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In which year the Tenali Bomb case took place? (a) 1907 (b) 1912 (c) 1914 (d) 1915

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Kamban, the Tamil poet and the author of Ramayana in Tamil adorned the court of (1) a Chola king (2) a Hoyasala king (3) a Pandya king (4) a Chera king

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Who were the Ikshvakus? (a) They were the northers (b) The were the subordinates of the Satavahanas (c) They were the foreigners (d) None

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Who was the Razakars leader? (a) Mir Osman Ali Khan (b) Mahaboob Ali Khan (c) Nizam Ali (d) Kasim Razvi

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Which of the following holy place is popularly called Dakshina Kasi : (a) Sresailam (b) Annavaram (c) Alampur (d) Yadagiri

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