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Favourite Festival..

Answer / bharath dhavala

My favourite festival is Deepavali.
India is a land of festivals. Diwali: 'The Festival of Lights', is celebrated with zest and jollity. Diwali is a five day Hindu festival which occurs on the fifteenth day of Kartika. During this time, homes are thoroughly cleaned and windows are opened to welcome Laksmi, goddess of wealth. Gifts are exchanged and festive meals are prepared during Diwali. Diwali, being the festival of lights, thousands of lamps are lit in and outside every home on the day.

Candles and lamps are lit as a greeting to Laksmi. Lamp or "Deep" is the symbol of knowledge. Lighting the lamp of knowledge within us means to understand and reflect upon the significant purpose of each of the five days of festivities and to bring those thoughts in to our day to day lives.

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Favourite Festival..

Answer / reddy

my favorite festival is diwali

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Favourite Festival..

Answer / vikas

Hello, good morning ma'am/sir,
First of all thanks for the giving opportunity mam
My favourite festival is Diwali which fest celebrates with my whole family.
Diwali is festival of lights not a festival of pollution etc..,
On that day we all get up early in the morning and will go to temples.
Then after having some sweet or something.

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Favourite Festival..

Answer / sudharsan reddy.s

Every Autumn I go to stay with my cousins in Leicester so
we can all celebrate Diwali
together. My family are Hindus, our grandparents came to
Britain from India. Diwali is the
biggest Hindu festival and people celebrate it all over the
world. We come to Leicester
because it has the largest Hindu population in Britain and
the celebrations are fantastic.
Diwali is a magical time for children because of the
lights. We light candles and lamps called
divas in our homes, especially in the windows. All the
streets, houses and shops are
decorated with light. Diwali comes from the Sanskrit word
Deepavali which means ‘rows of
lights’. It is our festival of Light and starts the Hindu
year. If we light our house well, we will
have good fortune because the Goddess of wealth and
prosperity, Lakshmi, will see our
At Diwali we tell the legend of the Hindu god, Lord Rama.
He had a beautiful wife called Sita
and she was captured by the demon king Ravana. Lord Rama
fought the demon king and
rescued his wife. We celebrate Rama’s return with his wife.
It signifies that good triumphs
over Evil. People light their lamps to celebrate the god
Rama’s victory.
On the first day of Diwali I walk to the temple in the next
street with all my family. We always
dress in our best clothes. My grandmother makes me a new
Indian sari to wear for Diwali
every year. We spend a long time getting ready, putting on
bright clothes and jewellery. Lots
of our friends come to the temple and we sing, dance and
enjoy ourselves. My cousin plays
an Indian instrument called a harmonium at the temple.
There are always delicious sweet
foods to eat. This starts five days of celebrations, my
favourite five days of the year.
Back at my Uncle’s house we exchange presents and eat lots
of good Indian food. Many
more relatives come over to celebrate with us and it is a
very special time for families. If
anyone has had an argument it is a good time to make
friends and forget the past. Some
people say that it is a sort of Christmas for Hindus.
In Leicester the Asian community is very proud of their
celebrations. There are very big
crowds with music, dancing and fireworks. 6,500 Diwali
lights are switched on in the streets
and we have a big party in the streets on Diwali day. This
year Diwali day falls on October

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Favourite Festival..

Answer / srini

I am going to Thailand.

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