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which colour do u like?

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which colour do u like?..

Answer / raja

my favourite color is green because it is colour of plants
and trees.not only that it is know for color
gives relaxation.people often in the week ends go to parks
there they get relaxed walking amidst of plants there.

for example take my lie, during my exams time i feel tensed
and that time after studying for one or two
hours i used to go out of my room and i used watch the
leaves of trees.bcoz when u look at green color it gives
some joy.that's why i like green.

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which colour do u like?..

Answer / somya

i like Blue color,n its the color of winners...

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which colour do u like?..

Answer / atharv

each and every colour is good , but i like most white
colour, becouse it is indication of peace.

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which colour do u like?..

Answer / ashvathi

vat colour u like is no matter in dis qus bcz, y u like it
and should tell proper reason for tat qus is very imp

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which colour do u like?..

Answer / hottie

Guys, this could be tricky question.

Make sure whatever color you name, you are prepared to give
talk about it and not just why do u like it.

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which colour do u like?..

Answer / sonu

Green...Green .....Green...
In the cool of the morning,I really love watching green
trees along the road.It makes my day worthwhile.That
apart,Green is a grt colour to see and in some or other way
it leads me to think about the global warning which is
nothing sort of a disease for the third world.

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which colour do u like?..

Answer / harshit sheth

my favorite colour is RED. because first of red is the colour
of love.people always express their love by this colour. also
by psychologically this colour strengthen the body cell and
give sense of belonging and affiliation.

red colour boosts or enhance the feeling of belonging thats
by its use in all happiest situation.

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which colour do u like?..

Answer / kajol malhotra

I like blue very much becoz it makes me feel veri positive
and each & every thing I prefer in blur like whenever i go
for the parties and all i go with all blue color accessries.

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which colour do u like?..

Answer / prerit

I like BLUE COLOR as It is of sky color and i want to spread like sky in this whole world . . .

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which colour do u like?..

Answer / priyanka rai

i like red color because it is present love and relations and it is very attractive and blindness.i love it.and i like cloths of red color.

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