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The most important seaport of the Reddi period was

(a) Krishnapatnam

(b) Motupalli

(c) Ghantasala

(d) None

The most important seaport of the Reddi period was (a) Krishnapatnam (b) Motupalli (c) Ghan..

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( b ) Motupalli

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. Gita govinda was written by (1) Magha (2) Jaideva (3) Sri Harsha (4) Dandin

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Who occupied most of the Chalukyan kingdom? (a) Dantidurga (b) Krishna I (c) Amoghavarsha (d) None

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im preparing for appsc Assistant statistical officers and also for Assistant directors(AD) for statistics. so if anybody is having the previous question papers of ASO or AD statistics question paper please mail me. Also please tell me how to prepare for economics in general studies and statistics in 1month. Please reply to my mail. Thank you

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Which dynasty performed more ‘Yagnas’: (a) The dynasty of Vakatakas (b) The dynasty of Vishnukundins (c) Both A & B (d) None

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. Deficit financing means that the government borrows money from (1) The local bodies (2) The Reserve Bank (3) The neighbouring countries (4) All the above

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. The Dandi march is associated with (1) Communal riot (2) No. tax agitation (3) Quit India Movement (4) Civil disobedience Movement

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Famous ruler among the Ikshvakus was: (a) Veerapurusha data (b) Ehuzula (c) Vasistee putra Sri Chatamula (d) None

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The Gupta empire was divided into the provinces called ……. (a) Mandals (b) Sakhas (c) Bhuktis (d) Rathas

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. The author of Raj Tarangini was (1) Jaidev (2) Bhavabhuti (3) Ban Bhatt (4) Kalhan

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Rabies is caused by (1) The bite of a dog (2) The bite of a mosquito (3) Deficiency of vitamin B1 and B12 (4) Deficiency of calcium

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. Who among the Kakatiya kings was defeated and was taken as a Prisoner to Delhi by Md. Bin Tughlaq? (1) Rudrama Devi (2) Pola Raja-II (3) Pratapa Rudra (4) Rudradeva

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. Who wrote ‘The Forgotton Empire of Vijayanagara’ (1) Ferista (2) Robert Sewell (3) Nicolo Konti (4) Barboasa

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