What is a multimap c++?

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Can I learn c++ without learning c?

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Write a program and call it sortcheck.cpp which receives 10 numbers from input and checks whether these numbers are in ascending order or not. You are not allowed to use arrays. You should not define more than three variables

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Are there any new intrinsic (built-in) data types?

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List the issue that the auto_ptr object handles?

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Write about all the implicit member functions of a class?

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What is the best free c++ compiler for windows?

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catch(exception &e) { . . . } Referring to the sample code above, which one of the following lines of code produces a written description of the type of exception that "e" refers to? a) cout << e.type(); b) cout << e.name(); c) cout << typeid(e).name(); d) cout << e.what(); e) cout << e;

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Do you know what are static and dynamic type checking?

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What is c++ stringstream?

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template<class T, class X> class Obj { T my_t; X my_x; public: Obj(T t, X x) : my_t(t), my_x(x) { } }; Referring to the sample code above, which one of the following is a valid conversion operator for the type T? a) T operator T () { return my_t; } b) T operator(T) const { return my_t; } c) operator(T) { return my_t; } d) T operator T (const Obj &obj) { return obj.my_t; } e) operator T () const { return my_t; }

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int f() { int I = 12; int &r = I; r += r / 4; int *p = &r; *p += r; return I; } Referring to the sample code above, what is the return value of the function "f()"? a) 12 b) 15 c) 24 d) 17 e) 30

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How would you find out if a linked-list is a cycle or not?

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