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The Alahabad pillar inscription was composed by

(a) Vikramaditya

(b) Harisena

(c) Samudragupta

(d) Vishnugupta

The Alahabad pillar inscription was composed by (a) Vikramaditya (b) Harisena (c) Samudragu..

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( b ) Harisena

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. Most of the tea is exported from port of (1) Bombay (2) Cochin (3) Calcutta (4) Madras

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. Samachar Darpan, the first vernacular paper was started during the period of (1) Lord Cornwallis’ (2) Sir George Barlow (3) Lord Wellesley (4) Lord Hastings

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Who were the two foreigners who visited Vijayanagar? (a) Vascodegama and Marco polo (b) Nicolo Conti & Abdul Razak (c) Marcopolo & Nicolo Conti (d) None

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. The Union Public Service Commission was created by (1) The Civil Services Act 1951 (2) The Constitution (3) Presidential order of 1952 (4) Parliaments Act in 1952

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Trickle Down Theory of Development holds that (1) Global prosperity spreads to domestic economy (2) Development spreads downward through more demand for labour (3) Rate of growth of taxation is not related to economic growth rate (4) None of the above

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. The land of midnight Sun is (1) Holland (2) Ireland (3) Norway (4) Iceland

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The classical language which contributed to the cultural unity of India is: (a) Hindi (b) Pakruti (c) Pali (d) Sanskrit

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‘Gadhaspta Sathi’ was written by: (a) Kalidas (b) Hala (c) Satakarni (d) Harsha

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The downfall of the Gupta empire was mainly due to the invasions of (a) The pallavas (b) The Hunas (c) Cholas (d) All the above

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Who were the Ikshvakus? (a) They were the northers (b) The were the subordinates of the Satavahanas (c) They were the foreigners (d) None

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. Which states got the heaviest rainfall? (1) Bengal, Assam and West Coast (2) Rajasthan and Ladakh Plateau of Kashmir (3) Madhya Pradesh (4) None of the above

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