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do mca with NET qualification is eligible to apply DEGREE LECTURERS in COMPUTER science Stream. i Know that MCA candidiate can apply to COMPUTER APPLICATIONS. but what about COMUPTER SCIENCE please give clear information regarding this.

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. The first lady ruler of Delhi was (1) Chand Bibi (2) Mumtaz Mahal (3) Nurjahan (4) Razia Begum

3 Answers  

. Final defeat of the Maratha confederacy came during the time of (1) Minto (2) Wellesley (3) Cornwallis (4) Hastings

2 Answers  

. Under what heading does the salaries of government servants come in the budget? (1) Capital expenditure (2) Plan expenditure (3) Current expenditure (4) None of the above

1 Answers  

. Which union Territory has a Legislature Chief Minister and Ministers (1) Delhi (2) Pondicherry (3) Chandigarh (4) All the above

2 Answers  

. The book ‘Kavya Mimamsa’ was written by (1) Hala (2) Rajasekhara (3) Vatsyayana (4) Nagarjuna

4 Answers  

Who was popularly known as Deshabhakta? (a) Konda Venkatappayya (b) Harisarvothama Rao (c) Veeresalingam (d) T. Prakasham

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. Gandhi started salt satyagrah in (1) 1930 A.D (2) 1929 A.D (3) 1931 A.D (4) 1932 A.D

2 Answers  

. The total strength of the Rajya Sabha is (1) 250 (2) 525 (3) 545 (4) 565

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Acharya Nagarjuna lived during the period of: (a) Gautamiputra Yagnasri (b) Hala (c) Satakarni (d) Krishna

1 Answers  

. Which fundamental right cannot be suspended even during an emergency under article 352 of the constitution? (1) Right to equality (2) Right to constitutional remedies (3) Right to life and personal liberty (4) Right to freedom of speech and expression

3 Answers   ASD Lab,

The new religion Din-I-Ilahi was founded by (a) Babar (b) Akbar (c) Shahjahan (d) Shershah

5 Answers   RINL,

Who was the founder of the Sunga dynasty? (1) Pushyamitra (2) Sagamitra (3) Dantivaman (4) Yasovarman

2 Answers