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Whom did the British contact to establish a factory at
Machilipatnam in 1611?

(a) Reddy Rajas

(b) Ruler of Golkonda

(c) Kings of Kakatiya dynasty

(d) None

Whom did the British contact to establish a factory at Machilipatnam in 1611? (a) Reddy Rajas ..

Answer / guest

( b ) Ruler of Golkonda

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. Who among the Kakatiya kings was defeated and was taken as a Prisoner to Delhi by Md. Bin Tughlaq? (1) Rudrama Devi (2) Pola Raja-II (3) Pratapa Rudra (4) Rudradeva

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The leader of Rampa rebellion was: (a) Alluri Seetharama Raju (b) Tanguturi Prakasam (c) N.G. Ranga (d) K. Venkatappayya

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. The sultan of Delhi who married a Hindu lady was (1) Alla-ud-din Khilji (2) Jalal-ud-din Khilji (3) Malik Kafur (4) None

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. Which of the following is not a Tributary of the Krishna ? (1) Malaprabha (2) Tungabhadra (3) Amravati (4) Ghataprath

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. Main source of India’s national income is: (1) Agriculture (2) Industry (3) Forestry (4) None

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The greatest Political Blunder that was committed by Kumaragiri Reddi was (a) His involvment in wars (b) Followed decentralization (c) Division of the kingdom into two halfs (d) Creation of Rajahmandry Rajya

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Which of the following political parties has been recognized by the Election Commission recently as a national political partly? (1) Trinamul Congress (2) Samata Party (3) Rashtriya Janata Dal (4) Nationalist Congress

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. Buyers’ market denotes the place where : (1) The demand exceeds the supply (2) The supply exceeds the demand (3) Commodities are available at competitive rates (4) The demand and supply are well balanced

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Which one of the following is a sedentary animal? (1) Cobra (2) Cow (3) Horse (4) Sponge

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. The court name of vijayanagar empire (1) Madrua Vijayam (2) Bhuvana Vijayam (3) Hampi Vijayam (4) None

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Who is the authoress of ‘Madura Vijayam’? (a) Gangadevi (b) Tirumalamba (c) Chinnamadevi (d) Nagamma

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. The Treaty of Sreerangapatnam was between Tipu Sultan and (1) Cornwallis (2) Clive (3) Warren Hastings (4) Wallesley

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