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Who was the Razakars leader?

(a) Mir Osman Ali Khan

(b) Mahaboob Ali Khan

(c) Nizam Ali

(d) Kasim Razvi

Who was the Razakars leader? (a) Mir Osman Ali Khan (b) Mahaboob Ali Khan (c) Nizam Ali ..

Answer / guest

( d ) Kasim Razvi

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The percentage of India’s population to World population is about (1) 6% (2) 16% (3) 26% (4) 36%

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Who was the discoverer of the electron? (1) Dr. Evangeline Villegas (2) P.N. Rasmussen (3) P.H. Cardoso (4) J.J. Thompson

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. Which State is facing the problem of soil erosion? (1) Andhra Pradesh (2) Kerala (3) Nagaland (4) M.P.

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When did the British land at Surat? (a) 1608 (b) 1650 (c) 1690 (d) 1720

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. ‘Mixed economy’ means Co-existence of : (1) Public sector and Private sector (2) The poor and the rich (3) Heavy and light industries (4) All the above

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. Who among the following can suspend the Fundamental rights (1) The Prime Minister (2) The President (3) The Parliament (4) The Supreme Court

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what is the procedure to apply for the drug inspector post in andhra pradesh

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. The Indian currency is linked to ……… as intervention currency for fixing the exchange value: (1) US dollar (2) Pound sterling (3) No currency (4) A basket of currencies

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Capital of the Chalukyas of Vatapi was: (a) Vengi (b) Vatapi or Badami (at Bijapur) (c) Rajamundry (d) None

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Pampa wrote (a) Vikramarjunvijaya (b) Vikramacharitra (c) Ramayanam (d) Vikramarjunacharitra

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Founder of the dynasty was: (a) Govinda Varma I (b) Madhava Varma (c) Jaya Varma (d) None

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. Who was the greatest ruler of Kakatiyas ? (1) Gnapatideva (2) Prataparudra (3) Rudramadevi (4) Rudradeva

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