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Marcopolo visited Orugallu during the regime of:

(a) Rudrama Devi

(b) Pola Raja-II

(c) Pratapa Rudra

(d) Ganapathideva

Marcopolo visited Orugallu during the regime of: (a) Rudrama Devi (b) Pola Raja-II (c) Prat..

Answer / guest

( a ) Rudrama Devi

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. Sumati Satakamu was written by (1) Vidyanatha (2) Palkurki Somanatha (3) Baddenna (4) None

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The Anglo – Telugu weekly published from Guntur which stimulated the Andhra to think in terms separate Andhra was (a) Krishna Patrika (b) Deshabhimani (c) Andhra Patrika (d) None

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. Which of the following is not an oil filed ? (1) Korba (2) Digboi (3) Kolal (4) Ankleshwar

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The first Andhra person who was invited to attend the first round table conference in London: (a) Macherla Ramachandra Rao (b) T. Prakasam (c) Venkataratnam Naidu (d) None

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Which of the following dynasties began to rule over India after the invasions of Timor? (1) Khilji dynasty (2) Tughlak dynasty (3) Sayyid dynasty (4) Lodi dynasty

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at what time period voter i.d's are introduced in india

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I am preparing for forest conservetor officers.,in english which type of quetions they are ask?

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India borrowed the idea of Directive principles of State Policy from the Constitution of (1) The Weimar Republic of Germany (2) The Republic of Ireland (3) South Africa (4) None of the above

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Copper is a (1) Micro-nutrient (2) Macro-nutrient (3) Tracer element (4) Cation

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. The Chola empire came to be extinguished finally with the invasion of (1) Akbar (2) Babar (3) Ala-ud-din (4) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

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I lost my call letter for the interview to be held on 3/07/2008 for the post assitant engineer(APPSE). Now i am not under standing how to attend interview.please guide me

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The downfall of the Gupta empire was mainly due to the invasions of (a) The pallavas (b) The Hunas (c) Cholas (d) All the above

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