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. The highest percentage of irrigation is enjoyed by Punjab.
The lowest percentage of irrigation is in

(1) Bihar

(2) Tamil Nadu

(3) Gujarat

(4) A.P.

. The highest percentage of irrigation is enjoyed by Punjab. The lowest percentage of irrigation is..

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( 3 ) Gujarat

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. During the period when the duration of daylight is 24 hours every day at the South Pole, the angle of incidence of the Sun’s rays is (1) 630 300 (2) 230 300 (3) 470 (4) 900

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Dear sir/Madem this is vinayak.I am preparing for assistant statistical officer pls if any body have the bits for stats and computers send to my KINDLY DO THE NEED FULL.

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. Which of the attributes of personality is not true of Babur? (1) He was a first-rate poet and his Divan is an outstanding work of poetry (2) He gradually became a first-rate general through a long career of military defeats, adventurous wanderings and contact with diverse war-like races (3) He was an able administrator and much improved the administrative machinery of the Sultanate of Delhi which had crumbled under his onslaught (4) All the above statements are true

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. Main cause of the inflation in India is (1) Lack of money (2) No foreign exchange (3) Low output (4) None of the above

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. The purpose of imposing tax is primarily to: (1) Check accumulation of wealth (2) Decrease black money (3) Restrict flow of money (4) Finance the government

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. Which one of the following articles of the constitution prohibits censorship? (1) article 19 (2) article 22 (3) article 32 (4) None

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. Which one of the following persons is regarded as the father of political science (1) Aristotle (2) Rousseau (3) Laski (4) Woodrow Wilson

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Which of the following is the cause of inequalities of income ? (1) Unemployment (2) Depression in industry (3) Concentration of economic power (4) Difference in standard of living

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. The following states union territories have a common high court (1) Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Mizoram (2) Punjab and Haryana (3) Tamilnadu and Pondicheri (4) West Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar island (5) All the above

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. Which one of the following is Major producer of silk? (1) Assam (2) H.P. (3) Karnataka (4) A.P.

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. Which of the following battles brought an end to the Vijay Nagar Empire (1) Battle of Panipat (2) Battle of Tarain (3) Battle of Talikota (4) Battle of Khurda

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. A citizens freedom of speech and expression may be subjected to reasonable restriction on the grounds of all except (1) Sovereignty of India (2) Public order (3) Contempt of court (4) Unbecoming criticism

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