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Which of the following is the cause of inequalities of income ?

(1) Unemployment

(2) Depression in industry

(3) Concentration of economic power

(4) Difference in standard of living

Which of the following is the cause of inequalities of income ? (1) Unemployment (2) Depressio..

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( 3 ) Concentration of economic power

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. During the period when the duration of daylight is 24 hours, at the North Pole, the angle of incidence of the Sun’s ray is : (1) 230 300 (2) 430 (3) 630 300 (4) 660 300

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Acharya Nagarjuna was a court chemist of ……………. Satavahana King: (a) Gautamiputra Satakarni (b) Gautamiputra Yagnasri (c) Hala (d) Satakarni II

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Haemoglobin is a/an (1) Enzyme (2) Sugar (3) Lipid (4) Protein in the R.B.C.

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. Changes in the standard of living in a country are best reflected in changes in (1) Gross National production at current prices (2) Per capita income at current prices (3) National income at current prices (4) Per capita income at consistent prices

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. Rigveda is believed by historians to have been written when (1) It was stone age (2) It was Copper age (3) It was Bronze age (4) The Iron age had already commenced

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The government general who established Sati was (a) Lord Curzan (b) Lord Hastings (c) Lord Wellesley (d) Lord Bentinick

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Founder of the Vijayanagara Empire (1336) was: (a) Vidyaranya (b) Krishna Devaraya (c) Harihara & Bukkaraya (d) Narasimharaya

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I lost my call letter for the interview to be held on 3/07/2008 for the post assitant engineer(APPSE). Now i am not under standing how to attend interview.please guide me

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The leader of the no-tax compaign was: (a) Konda Venkatappayya (b) N.G. Ranga (c) Parvataneni Virayya Chowdari (d) All the above

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Who were the two faithfull supporters of Alluri Seetharama Raju? (a) Gama Mallu Dora (b) Gama Gantam Dora (c) Both A & B (d) None

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. The idea of fundamental duties is derived from (1) Russian constitution (2) American constitution (3) British constitution (4) None

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