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What is the purpose of the return statement?

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can write code for serialization ?

1 Answers   HCL, MegaSoft,

What is the difference between method and constructor ?

3 Answers  

What is hashmap in java?

0 Answers  

Can an interface be final?

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What is method with example?

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What is passing by reference in java?

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What is the use of list in java?

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Is it possible for a yielded thread to get chance for its execution again?

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What's the difference between an abstract class and interface in java?

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How is java created?

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I have a class which is abstract which contains only the abstract methods. This is similar to an interface. Then, if i have given a choice to choose one of them. Which one i have to choose and why?

4 Answers  

Can we have two methods in a class with the same name?

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