5. What kind of sorting is this:
SORT (k,n)
1.[Loop on I Index]
repeat thru step2 for i=1,2,........n-1
2.[For each pass,get small value]
repeat for j=i+1 to N do
if K[j]<k[min]
3.[Sorted Values will be returned]
A)Bubble Sort
B)Quick Sort
C)Selection Sort
D)Merge Sort

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5. What kind of sorting is this: SORT (k,n) 1.[Loop on I Index] repeat thru step2 for i=1,2,.......

Answer / murali

Bubble sort

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5. What kind of sorting is this: SORT (k,n) 1.[Loop on I Index] repeat thru step2 for i=1,2,.......

Answer / rajesh

Selection Sort

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