What are the common jdbc exceptions?

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Can I get a null resultset?

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what does batchUpdate does?

6 Answers   HCL,

i have 1000 records in resultset, how to get first 100 records from resultset, because resultset fetch all 1000 records at a time?

8 Answers   HSBC,

What is new in JDBC 2.0?

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How do we load the drivers?

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Can you create an index on sex column where there is M or F?

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Why are we using blob datatypes in jdbc?

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What is DML?

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Difference between JDBC and Hibernate? Give one sample based on the variance?

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What is isolation level? How to set it?

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Can we have foreign key reference to a non primary key column ?

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what is the best way, in terms of performance, to do multiple insert/update statements, a PreparedStatement or Batch Updates?

2 Answers