Can we override destroy method in servlet?

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Why jsp is better than servlet?

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i have 500 jsp in my application ,with same forward name,it lokks for appropritae jsp from 1 to 500,but i want to send response to 498 page,what should i do

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How to get ip address in jsp login page and how to validate like all should not be greater than 255

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What are different ways for authentication of servlet?

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What is servlet configuration?

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Why do we need a constructor in a servlet if we use the init method?

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What are the different methods involved in generic servlet?

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Can you call a jsp from the servlet?

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What is a Session Id?

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What is the difference between portlet and servlet?

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What is servlet attributes and their scope?

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1.HttpSession 2.Hidden fields 3.URL Rewriting these primitive type of Session maintainance. What is the other type of process that could help to maintain the Session? pls Explain the process if u know?

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