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what different types of wood is there?

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what different types of wood is there?..

Answer / ravi teja.tirumalapudi

Mahogany: Fine grained, reddish brown in color. Very durable
and resists swelling shrinking, and warping. Used for
quality furniture such as cabinets; boat construction; wood
facings and veneers.

Walnut: Fine textured, strong, easy to work with and resists
shrinking and warping and finishes well. Best used for
gunstocks, solid and veneered furniture, novelties,
cabinetry and wall paneling.

Oak: Strong with good bending qualities. Is durable and
finishes well and resists moisture absorption. Used for
furniture, trimming, boat framing, desks and flooring.

Maple: Fine textured and is fine textures. It is strong and
hard. Has moderate shrinkage and machines well. Best used in
flooring, fine furniture and woodenware such as bowling alleys.

Cherry: Close-grained and resists warping and shrinking. It
will redden when exposed to sunlight and ages well. Used in
cabinet making, boat trim, novelties, solid furniture
handles and turned projects.

Rosewood: Very hard and has a dark reddish brown color. It
is fragrant and close grained. It is hard to work and takes
high polish. Used in musical instruments, piano cases, tool
handles, art projects, veneers and furniture.

Teak: Hard and durable and resistant the moisture and rot.
It resists warping, cracking and decay. Best used in fine
furniture, paneling, shipbuilding, doors, window framing,
flooring and general construction.

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what different types of wood is there?..

Answer / mohd.younus ali engineer

I think Heart wood
and Sap wood

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