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Is java util regex pattern thread safe?

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How many java versions are there?

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whats string ?

10 Answers   HCL,

What are the escape sequences in java?

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What is core java called?

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Explain different states of a thread in java?

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What is the static variable?

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take any 4 input numbers. like 2345.. wanted out put is All 16 combinations of the number 2345.. for example- taking input as 4565 output- 5654 4556 4655..

2 Answers   Emphasis,

what is the use of abstract class and interface with example?

2 Answers   Cycore, DNS, Technoram,

What is purpose of applet programming?

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Does every java program need a main?

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Is there any case when finally will not be executed?

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How do you use compareto method?

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