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What does thread safe mean?

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Explain what is meant by repetition of information and inability to represent information. Explain why each of these properties may indicate a bad relational database design.

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Difference between a thread and process?

0 Answers   Wipro,

What is short term scheduler in operating system (os)?

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Explain the difference between internal and external fragmentation in memory management. Suggest ways to reduce them.

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What are the deadlock avoidance schemes?

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What do you mean by deadlock?

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Why do we need threads?

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What is the cause of thrashing? How does the system detect thrashing?

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Give the disadvantages of Havander's Strategies.

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Can I upgrade from 32bit to 64bit?

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What are the different job scheduling in operating systems?

0 Answers   B-Ways TecnoSoft,

What are the types of files?

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