How do I remove a second operating system from my computer?

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What is a sector?

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What is preemptive multitasking?

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What is the context switch?

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What is an idle thread?

2 Answers   CDAC, FIC,

Differentiate between pre-emptive and non-pre-emptive scheduling.

0 Answers   Akamai Technologies,

What are the ways in which fault tolerance can be ensured in systems? (Different redundancy techniques)?

0 Answers   DELL,

Which is the best page replacement algorithm and Why ?

5 Answers   Honeywell, Intel, TCS,

How does Windows NT supports Multitasking?

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What is an operating system on a computer?

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What are a trap and trapdoor?

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What is a long term scheduler & short term schedulers?

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What do you mean by parallel processing?

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