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Is array name a pointer?

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Can stdout be forced to print somewhere other than the screen?

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How can I call fortran?

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Is r written in c?

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What is hashing in c language?

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how does a general function , that accepts an array as a parameter, "knows" the size of the array ? How should it define it parameters list ?

2 Answers   Patni, TCS,

How to check whether string is a palindrome, WITHOUT USING STRING FUNCTIONS?

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Write a program to replace n bits from the position p of the bit representation of an inputted character x with the one's complement. Method invertBit takes 3 parameters x as input character, p as position and n as the number of positions from p. Replace n bits from pth position in 8 bit character x. Then return the characters by inverting the bits.

0 Answers   Infosys,

progrem to generate the following series 1 12 123 1234 12345

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What is a structure member in c?

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why we are using float in C

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what is Structural oriented language? give some example of this language.....?

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Do you know the use of fflush() function?

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