Tell me how many fillers we can put in one ip of ipv6?

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CSMA/CD stand for which of the following? A.) Carrier Sense, Multiple Access with Collision Detection B.) Collision Sense, Multiple Access with Collision Detection C.) Collision Sense, Multiple Access with Carrier Detection D.) Carrier Sense, MAC address with Collision Detection

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Which show underrate serial 1 status statement indicates that the shutdown command was issued on that interface? A. Serial 1 is up line protocol is up B. Serial 1 is up line protocol is down C. Serial 1 is down line protocol is down D. Serial 1 is administratively down the line protocol is down

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Can you describe the Authentication Header (AH) Protocol?

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How we put NIC in promiscuous mode when using MS windows, can any one tell me in detail

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If configuring a Cisco router to connect to a non-Cisco router across a Frame Relay network, which encapsulation type would you select? A.) Q933a B.) ISDN C.) IETF D.) CISCO E.) ANSI

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there is three mode of vtp let there are three switch s1 in server mode s2 in transparent mede and s3 in clint mode then will that tranparnt mode going to effect the network if yes then how and if no then what it will do

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Which protocol will let neighbor routers know if your internetwork experienced congestion on a serial port? A.) BootP B.) IP C.) ICMP D.) ARP E.) FTP F.) RARP

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What three occurrences will reset the holddown timer after a triggered update? A.) Infinity is finally defined as some max number B.) HD Timer expires C.) Another update is received indicating a better metric D.) The router receives a processing task proportional to the number of links in the internetwork E.) The router detects fault LSP's propagating through the internetwork F.) Another update is received indicating net status changed

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HI ALL , wanted to know if the rstp protocol.. rapid spanning tree protocol .. is imp to study with ccna's point of view or study of STP will be enough.. in some books rstp is nt given like todd lamle however in icnd2 its explained in detail.. please suggest asap .. thanks ..

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What is the 5-4-3-2-1 rule of network design?

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Which global configuration command will tell the router to load the IOS file 'IOS_filename' from FLASH memory at the next boot? A.) boot system flash B.) boot system flash IOS_filename C.) boot system IOS_filename flash D.) boot system tftp IOS_filename tftp_address E.) config-register 0x0102 IOS_ filename

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Tell me which cable we connect in db-9?

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