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What is deserialization?

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How does singleton class work?

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Explain different states of a thread in java?

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What is a jit compiler?

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Explain about procedural programming language or structured programming language and its features?

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Differences between external iteration and internal iteration?

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What are instance variables?

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How many classes can any class inherit java?

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I Have a class abstract with one abstract method, so that method should override in the subclass, but i dont want to override, if i am not override what will happen? If compilation will occur then i dont want to give compilation error, then what we need to do??? See the sample program. public abstract class AbstractExample { public abstract void sampleMethod(); } public class AbstractExampleImple extends AbstractExample { }

2 Answers   Mphasis,

Can we overload the constructors?

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What is casting?

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What is an interoperable application in java ?

0 Answers   HCL,

What is meant by tab pans?

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