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What are the ways to instantiate the class class?

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What must a class do to implement an interface in java programming?

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What is the size of arraylist in java?

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33. try { 34. // some code here 35. } catch (NullPointerException e1) { 36. System.out.print(”a”); 37. } catch (RuntimeException e2) { 38. System.out.print(”b”); 39. } finally { 40. System.out.print(”c”); 41. } What is the result if a NullPointerException occurs on line 34? 1 c 2 a 3 ab 4 ac

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What is the difference between an interface and an abstract class?

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Give me some null interfaces in java?

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What is == and === in javascript?

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If there are two notepad opened and working on it . is this a process or thread? computer based Live Example to differentiate between Thread , Process , and Multi tasking ?

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How do you create a null object?

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What are the similarities between an array and an ArrayList?

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What are three types of loops in java?

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How can we create a thread in java?

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Which sorting is used in arrays sort in java?

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