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Given 1 to n random number, find top 10 maximum numbers and
explain the time complexity of the algorithm.

Given 1 to n random number, find top 10 maximum numbers and explain the time complexity of the algo..

Answer / sreejesh1987

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Seat Reservation prog for the theatre. Write a function for seat allocation for the movie tickets. Total no of seats available are 200. 20 in each row. Each row is referred by the Character, "A" for the first row and 'J' for the last. And each seat in a row is represented by the no. 1-20. So seat in diffrent rows would be represented as A1,A2....;B1,B2.....;........J1,J2... Each cell in the table represent either 0 or 1. 0 rep would seat is available , 1 would represent seat is reserved. Booking should start from the last row (J) to the first row(A). At the max 20 seats can be booked at a time. if seats are available, then print all the seat nos like "B2" i.e (2 row, 3 col) otherwise Print "Seats are not available." and we must book consecutive seats only.

1 Answers   Nagarro,

how to take time as input in the format (12:02:13) from user so that controls remains between these columns?

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Write a program that print in screen a tree with its height taken from user by entering number of 4 digits and find the odd numbers then calculate the sum of odd numbers so he get the height of tree?

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We need to write the function to check the password entered is correct or not based on the following conditions.. a) It must have atleast one lower case character and one digit. b)It must not have any Upper case characters and any special characters c) length should be b/w 5-12. d) It should not have any same immediate patterns like abcanan1 : not acceptable coz of an an pattern abc11se: not acceptable, coz of pattern 11 123sd123 : acceptable, as not immediate pattern adfasdsdf : not acceptable, as no digits Aasdfasd12: not acceptable, as have uppercase character

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write a program using virtual function to find the transposing of a square matrix?

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Complexity T(n) What is the time complexity T(n) of the following portions of code? For simplicity, you may assume that n is a power of 2. That is, n = 2k for some positive integer k. a) ? for (i = 1; i <= n; i++) { j = n; cout << i << ? ? j << ? ? << endl; } b) ? for (i = 0; i <= n; i += 2) { j = n; cout << i << ? ? j << ? ? << endl; } c) ? for (i = n; i >= 1; i = i/2) { j = n; cout << i << ? ? j << ? ? << endl; } d) for (i = 1; i <= n; i++) { j = n; while (j >= 0) { cout << i << ? ? j << ? ? << endl; j = j - 2; } }

0 Answers   Qatar University,

Definition of priority queue was given. We have to implement the priority queue using array of pointers with the priorities given in the range 1..n. The array could be accessed using the variable top. The list corresponding to the array elements contains the items having the priority as the array index. Adding an item would require changing the value of top if it has higher priority than top. Extracting an item would require deleting the first element from the corresponding queue. The following class was given: class PriorityQueue { int *Data[100]; int top; public: void put(int item, int priority); // inserts the item with the given priority. int get(int priority); // extract the element with the given priority. int count(); // returns the total elements in the priority queue. int isEmpty(); // check whether the priority queue is empty or not. }; We had to implement all these class functions.

0 Answers   Nagarro, Wollega University,

program to find the magic square using array

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Complexity T(n) Write a linear-time algorithm that sorts n distinct integers, each of which is between 1 and 500. Hint: Use a 500-element array. (Linear-time means your algorithm runs in time c*n + b, where c and b are any constants that do not depend on n. For example, your algorithm can run in time n, or time 2n + 1, or time 5n + 10, or time 100n + 6, but not time c*n*n = c*n?.)

1 Answers   Qatar University,

hello friends, given an expression we have to remove the unwanted brackets in that expression. Eg : (a+b) ---> a+b (a+b)*(c)-----> (a+b)*c. Please mail me if you know the logic. My mail id is : Thank you in advance :-)

1 Answers   GrapeCity, Microsoft,

A research student is given a singly-linked list. Each node of the list has a color, which is either “Black” or “White”. He must find if there are more black nodes than white nodes, or vice versa. His advisor gives him 5,000Rs to buy a computer to do the work. He goes to the computer store and finds a slightly defective computer which costs a mere 3,000Rs. This computer has the small problem of not being able to do arithmetic. This means that he cannot use a counter to count the nodes in the list to determine the majority color. The computer is otherwise fully functional. He has the evil idea that he could buy the defective computer and somehow use it to do his work, so that he can use the rest of the money on enjoyment. Show how he can accomplish this amazing task. Write code for an algorithm called ‘findMajorityColor’ which takes a singly-linked list, L, with n nodes and returns the majority color among nodes of L. This algorithm should have the same asymptotic running time as counting the nodes (O(n)). Note: No arithmetic is allowed.

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how to write a program that opens a file and display in reverse order?

0 Answers   SMC,