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What do you mean by request dispatcher in servlet?

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Is it possible to have a constructor inside the servlet?

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Hi frnds iam new to Java Kindy any one can provide or me Servlets Example code and can explain to me flow of servlets and as Jsp and Struts and provide to me some sample example on these 3 topic flow,code example,and tutorials,and related websites which i can refer....thanks in advance..........

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What do you mean by scope object and what are its types?

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If you want to modify the servlet,will the Webserver need to be ShutDown ?

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How do servlets work?

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What is the effective way to make sure all the servlets are accessible only when user has a valid session?

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What is meant by session? Tell me something about httpsession class?

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Can filter be used as request or response?

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what is servlet and what you get when we use servlets?

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What is the difference between the getrequestdispatcher(string path) method of javax.servlet.servletrequest interface and javax.servlet.servletcontext interface?

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How is a servlet implemented in code?

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What are the uses of servlet and what is servlet chaining?

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