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What do you mean by servlet context?

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What is a generic servlet?

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What is setattribute in servlet?

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Is servlet a framework?

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What is the protocol used by Server & Client?

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What is a web application and what is it’s directory structure?

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What is the functionality of actionservlet and requestprocessor?

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Hi Friends, Suppose you have a web appliction which consists of 100 clients are connected with Connection pooling and they are associated with 100 connection objcet and connected with DB sever,Due some problem DB-Server suddenly crashed and server came to down state for a while after few minutes DB-server once again up,Now how will I manage my Pool Management with my 100 clients...can any one tell me??????????????????

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Write the code to get the server information in servlet.

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What are some disadvantages of storing session state in cookies?

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How will two or three servlets interact or communicate with each other?

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What is Servlets and explain the advantages of Servlet life cycle?

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What is Servlet Context?

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