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What are the general description for loop statement and available loop types in c?

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Is it valid to address one element beyond the end of an array?

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If a variable is a pointer to a structure, then which operator is used to access data members of the structure through the pointer variable?

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Can an array be an Ivalue?

0 Answers   EXL,

related proverb of "dont count your chicken before it hatches"

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Explain what is #line used for?

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Is it fine to write void main () or main () in c?

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What is a good way to implement complex numbers in c?

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Where is volatile variable stored?

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What are the restrictions of a modulus operator?

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Why do we use main function?

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please send me the code for multiplying sparse matrix using c

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what is difference between null and nul in c language

2 Answers