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Describe the phases of servlet lifecycle?

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HTTP tunneling means what?

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What is new in ServletRequest interface ? (Servlet 2.4)

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How to notify an object in session when session is invalidated or timed-out?

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Explain life cycle of a Servlet?

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Why do you use session tracking in httpservlet?

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what is the difference between Servlet and JSP?Advantage of JSP over Servelt?Any concept present in JSP which we cant implement in Servlet?

31 Answers   ABC, Apere, AZTEC, CTS, CybAge, iFlex, Impact Systems, Sara, TCS,

What is a servlet context?

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Explain Action Servlet?

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Explain the working of service() method of a servlet.

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What are the advantages of cookies?

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What type of protocols are used in HttpServlet?

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What is the difference between servlet and jsp?

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