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How to login to the server without an instance?

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What is OCI. What are its uses?

1 Answers  

What is sharded cluster?

0 Answers  

What are the advantages of Views ?

3 Answers  

How to use group functions in the select clause using oracle?

0 Answers  

Differentiate between function and procedure in oracle.

0 Answers  

Explain the use of full option in exp command.

0 Answers  

What is a trigger and what are its types in oracle?

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What is the dynamic sql in oracle?

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Table E: Name dept month sal 1 A JAN 800 2 B APR 1000 3 A JAN 300 4 A JAN 600 5 C JUN 400 1) SELECT HIGHEST SAL PAID DEPT IN JAN MONTH? 2) WRITE QUERY GET MAX SAL DEPT NO?

6 Answers   IBM,

Explain cascading triggers.

0 Answers  

Assuming today is Monday, how would you use the DBMS_JOB package to schedule the execution of a given procedure owned by SCOTT to start Wednesday at 9AM and to run subsequently every other day at 2AM.

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What is oracle sid?

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