Describe is the social life of the Vedic people

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Describe is the social life of the Vedic people..

Answer / neha baryah

The importance of priest increased. Religious rituals became
rigid. now varna system was based on hereditary.
Further the position of women deteriorated. Now they didnot
participate in assemblies.They were confined to four wall of
now people led a settled life as agriculture was main Go
occupation.Accordingly worshipped new God PRAJAPATI. Idol
worship started. In early Rig Vedic period people used to
worship for material gainn and medium of worship was prayer
but now prayer were replaced by sacrifice which was
accomplished by complex rituals.Hence , Priest was very

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Describe is the social life of the Vedic people..

Answer / guest

The social divisions were based on occupations and the
members of one family could adopt different occupations and
slavery, including women slaves.

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