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Throw some light on internal process memory.

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What is difference between deadlock and starvation?

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What is the difference between Authoritative restore & Non- Authoritative restore?

1 Answers   Wipro,

Explain briefly about linker and its functioning?

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What are types of file?

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Difference between multi threading and multi tasking?

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How do I find the path of a shared folder?

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Explain what is a semaphore?

0 Answers   BPL,

What is the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit os?

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Explain translation lookaside buffer?

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One starts counting from 0 to max and the other stars from max to 0. Which one executes fast.

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What are the various components of a computer system?

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Page replacement algorithm in Operating System?

0 Answers   Impetus,