Explain the register storage classes in c++.

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1.Between 100 and 999 are some numbers that have the characteristics that if you cube the individual digits and sum together you will get the same number. 2. A program that can accept as input an integer and output the equivalent of that number in words.

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What is else syntax in c++?

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what is an array

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Define whitespace in C++.

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How would you obtain segment and offset addresses from a far address of a memory location?

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Explain virtual class and friend class.

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What is a built-in function?

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How many types of scopes are there in c++?

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How do you invoke a base member function from a derived class in which you’ve overridden that function?

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Explain the difference between c++ and java.

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Does c++ vector allocate memory?

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Is c++ the hardest language?

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