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What are the Normalization Rules?

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What are the Normalization Rules?..

Answer / p.thirugnanam

Noramlization means decomposing the tables and define well
structure to reduce the data reduntancy.

Normalization classified three types.
First Normalization form : It eliminate multiple values

Second Normalization form : It eliminate the partial

Third Normalization form : It elimiate the functional

Partial dependency means non-key value depends on one
primary key value.

functional dependency means two non-key values.

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What are the Normalization Rules?..

Answer / pavan

Normalization is the process of decomposing a larger table
into smaller tables inorderto free from the enamalies
reguarding insertion, deletion and alter.

Normal forms are: 1NF(Normal Form), 2NF, 3NF, BCNF, 4NF and

The rules: No data loss.
Dependency preserving.

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