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How do you establish a has-a relationship?

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What does namespace mean in c++?

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What is an html tag?

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Evaluate: int fn(int v) { if(v==1 || v==0) return 1; if(v%2==0) return fn(v/2)+2; else return fn(v-1)+3; } for fn(7); a) 10 b) 11 c) 1

4 Answers   Quark,

What is a storage class? Mention the storage classes in c++.

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Why do we use classes in programming?

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Can I learn c++ without knowing c?

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Which programming language should I learn first?

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Why cout is used in c++?

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Ask to write virtual base class code?

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How do you write a function that can reverse a linked-list?

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Implement strcmp

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What is class in c++ with example?

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