Explain the difference between GET and POST methods?

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Explain the difference between GET and POST methods?..

Answer / ravikiran(aptech mumbai)

1).Is used to send request time attributes
2).And can only pass string parameters not any kind of
binary data.
3).The Number of charecters we can pass is limited to 255
4).The data what we sent is exposed to every one in URL as a
query string
5).Best example is passing parameters threw hyperlinks

1).Data Confidentiality is there
2).We can send unlimited amount of data
3).Binary as well as string data we can transfer
4).Best example is file uploading application

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Explain the difference between GET and POST methods?..

Answer / mdsha_asiya

The GET request is made by a client to read resources that
is HTML documents and images currently residing at the
In GET ,entire form submission can be encapsulated in one
url like hyperlink.All data ,we are passing to the server
will dispalyed in the request String.
Query length is limited to 260 charaters.Not secure
faster,quick and easy.

POST,on the forwards sending large amount of information
(possibly mega bytes) to the server only once.Hence a POST
request is literally a post.

In POST ,your name or data value pairs inside the body of
the HTTP request which makes the cleaner url.All data we
are passing through the server will be hidden.user cannot
see this information.

we have no size limitations.

It is used to send chunk of data to the server,more
processed,more security and versatile.

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Explain the difference between GET and POST methods?..

Answer / mohan

One more diff is that in case of doget(), the query will be
sent along with the request and this exchange is visible to
the user, whereas incase of dopost()the query will be sent
inline with the http request so the exchange will not be
visible to the user.

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Explain the difference between GET and POST methods?..

Answer / alok kumar ranjan

Re. What is the difference between Get and Post Method?

Answer: (1). Get is Default Http Method, but in post method
you should specify the post method implicitly as follows:-
<form action=" " method="post"

(2) In Get Method, data is passed in URL Pattern. But in
post method data is passed with in method body.

(3) In Get Method, Size of URL is limited because of this e
can send only limited amount of data to server using the
get method. But in Post Method, We can send the data
unlimited amount of the data.

(4) Get Method is not secured because data can be seen in
URL. But Post Method is much secured.

(5) Through Get Method, We can not send data to server but
in Post Method, We send the data to server

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Explain the difference between GET and POST methods?..

Answer / rajeev sen

• To retrieve an HTML file or an image file, because only
the filename needs to
be sent.

• To send a lot of data; for example, POST is well suited
for an online survey,
since the length of the query string may exceed 255 characters.
• To upload a file.
• To capture the username and password, because we want to
prevent users from
seeing the password as a part of the URL.

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Explain the difference between GET and POST methods?..

Answer / karishma

The POST method generates a FORM collection, which is sent as a HTTP request body. All the values typed in
the form will be stored in the FORM collection.
The GET method sends information by appending it to the URL (with a question mark) and stored as A Querystring collection. The Querystring collection is passed to the server as name/value pair.
The length of the URL should be less than 255 characters.

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