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What is servlet invoker?

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can u give some realtime example in ploymorphism? and inheritance?

11 Answers   SolutionNET,

What is the procedure for initializing a servlet?

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Which event is fired at the time of setting, getting or removing attribute from application scope?

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Which protocol will be used by browser and servlet to communicate

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Can we call destroy() method inside the init() method? What happens when we do so?

9 Answers   Ericsson,

If a servlet is not properly initialized, what exception may be thrown?

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What do you mean by a filter and how does it work?

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What is a Proxy Server?

1 Answers  

How forward () method is different from send redirect () method?

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Why is init() method is used in servlets?

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What is Servlets and explain the advantages of Servlet life cycle?

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Explain the concept of ssi ?

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