What are the factors on which the gas sterilization depends on?

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More Lab Technicians Interview Questions

can any one give me the question bank for Lab Technician am going to appear for my HAAD exam on the 29/4/10. Please send me the Qs. my mail Id is petula_dsouzaa@yahoo.com Please help. thks.

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Explain antiseptic?

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name the essential aminoacid present in children?

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which disease occurs due to the deficiency of vitamin "D"?what r its symptoms?

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Explain mumps?

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What clinical lab audit is and what are the areas you can do clinical audit?

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What are the causes ,cure and preventive measures of (a) Diabetes (b)Plague (c)Typhoid (d)Hydrophobia or Rabies

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How to select HPLC column

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What is Calibration Curve?

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why assay test and loss on drying test should be performed on same day during raw material analysis??

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What is the micro filarial parasite name?

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Why acetone used in gradient flow calibration check 

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