What are the types of data passing mechanisams under JMS

What are the types of data passing mechanisams under JMS specification?..

Answer / jyoti prasad

There are two types of data passing mechanisams under JMS
1.Point-to-Point Messaging:
A point-to-point (PTP) product or application is built
around the concept of message queues, senders, and
receivers. Each message is addressed to a specific queue,
and receiving clients extract messages from the queue(s)
established to hold their messages.

2.Publish/Subscribe Messaging:
In a publish/subscribe (pub/sub) product or application,
clients address messages to a topic. Publishers and
subscribers are generally anonymous and may dynamically
publish or subscribe to the content hierarchy. The system
takes care of distributing the messages arriving from a
topic's multiple publishers to its multiple subscribers.


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