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What would happen to X in this expression: X += 15; (assuming the value of X is 5)

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Explain can the sizeof operator be used to tell the size of an array passed to a function?

0 Answers  

Write a program with dynamically allocation of variable.

0 Answers   Atos Origin,

How can I allocate arrays or structures bigger than 64K?

5 Answers  

what are the advantage of pointer variables? write a program to count the number of vowels and consonants in a given string

3 Answers  

#include<stdio.h> main() { int i=5; printf("%d",i*i-- - --i*i*i++ + ++i); } tell the answer with correct reason .specially reason is important nt answer ans by turbo c is -39

1 Answers   GameLoft,

which of the following statements is incorrect a.typedef struct new{ int n1; char n2; } DATA; b.typedef struct { int n3; char *n4; }ICE; c.typedef union { int n5; float n6; } UDT; d.#typedef union { int n7; float n8; } TUDAT;

5 Answers   Assurgent, TCS,

question-how to run a c programme.

6 Answers  

Write a program to input the price of 1 burger and the number of burgers eaten by a group of friends .print the total amount to be paid by the group?

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write an algorithm to display a square matrix.

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Read the following data in two different files File A: aaaaaaaadddddddd bbbbbbbbeeeeeeee ccccccccffffffff File B: 11111111 22222222 33333333 By using the above files print the following output or write it in the Other file as follows aaaaaaaa11111111dddddddd bbbbbbbb22222222eeeeeeee cccccccc33333333ffffffffffff

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10 Answers   AMB, Franklin Templeton,

a=(1,2,3); b=1,2,3; c=1,(2,3); d=(1,2),3; what's the value of 'a','b','c','d'

2 Answers