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Difference between prefix and postfix forms of the

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Difference between prefix and postfix forms of the ++operator?..

Answer / ranganathkini

The prefix ++ operator first increments the value by one and
then returns the new value.

The postfix ++ operator first returns the value and then
increments it.

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Difference between prefix and postfix forms of the ++operator?..

Answer / ravikiran

prefix will increment first and assigns to the variable
postfix will assing the value to the variable and then

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Difference between prefix and postfix forms of the ++operator?..

Answer / uday ray

They behave differently when they are used in expressions on
the right hand side of an assignment statement. A prefix
operator first adds 1 to the operand and the result is
assigned to the variable on left. On the other hand, a post
fix operator first assign the value to the variable on left
and then increments the operands.

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