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Why is there no United States of Europe but there is a United States of America?

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standard form of contract is a protection available to consumer from explitative sweeping clauses?explain.

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can anybodt tell me the latest rate of wct in up?

0 Answers   ITC Infotech,

What are the basic questions asked in Judicial Interview?

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How you cope without motivation?

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what is the last date of submission of deducted tds for the month of march?

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how can the capital reserve be utilized as per companies act, 1956?

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is corporate guarantee required on stamp paper or companies letter head will do

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can we issue a waybill to the contractor for entering his equipment from outside the state( i.e Odisha) for completion of contract in the state of Odisha???

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You will be in a position that is the focus of community attention.What are the necessary characteristics to maintain the integrity of our office?

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What are the rules, restrictions, and procedures for a Probation Officer entering your home?

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If we have to make bill of Stock transfer from our interstate branch (like Chennai) what type of invoice we have to prepare tax or retail ?

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I apply for the post of Punjab and Haryana High court restorer post. Pls tell me the sample question paper for written exam of English and General Knowledge or give any reference.

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