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In Maharashtra is Director liable to pay the Professional tax or the company?

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Can we apply IEC Certificate & professional tax certificate manually ? i.e. without online

0 Answers   Safeco,

Is there any remedy for the seller if the purchaser refuses to submit the FORM-C while he agreed while generating invoice?

2 Answers   TATA,

What would it be like to live in a country with no laws?

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When was your resilience tested? Please tell me how to answer this Que.

0 Answers   Victoria Police,

Domain server purchase TDS provision u/s 195 of income tax act, 1961

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whether non payment of due leave is unauhorised deduction from wages or not?

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What effect on the whole of society does someone crashing into a lamppost have? Does a girl scout have a political agenda?

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list out four public documents filed with roc which are public documents can be reviewed.

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why did you choose self employmemy than employment ?

2 Answers   CA,

Describe 'respect for the freedom of conscience.'

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What are the for and against arguments for bicycle helmets?

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Why do ask we about child labour? why sould not we ask about child basic development? when we have education cess, why the amount not been ment for the development of child labour? when we have a system to eradicate child labour? Why that force is not child thier to put them in kind of bostal school? why the parent should not be punished for the child labour

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