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where can i find indian patnership act on the net?

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How you cope without motivation?

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rights reguarding a private sale of goods not paid for in full and courier failling to collect correct amount of monies on cah on delivery

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whether societies comes under corporate or non corporate company?

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best way to claim compensation through slander false accusations

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If a Manufacturer pruchases a raw material from a second dealer without getting invoices for availing cenvat credit, obviously he has to pay the excise duty when he completed his manufacturing process. then this does not amount to taxing on tax? What is the remedy available for such manufacturer in availing cenvat credit without invoices?

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Company incorporated on 23-09-2010, So what is the amount required to pay under Professional Tax for the company for the year 2010-11, When yearly payment is Rs 2500 p.a

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what is commerce

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Why do ask we about child labour? why sould not we ask about child basic development? when we have education cess, why the amount not been ment for the development of child labour? when we have a system to eradicate child labour? Why that force is not child thier to put them in kind of bostal school? why the parent should not be punished for the child labour

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What is the retirement age of prime minister of india??

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hello today is my question, how Pakistani girl get Indian citizenship? if it is possible, how will this possible?

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In which form i will pay Customs duty and customs cess

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hi, mmy name is srinath and i am working in a company as contract basi, they said me that company is baring 8800rs on me and giving on hand salary of 7400rs, proffesional tax 80rs were mentioned inpayslip, am i suppose to pay ? because i am not a regular onroll employ of company please give me suggestion, on mail. or number 9533373003,plz any body give the answer

0 Answers   ITC Infotech,