who among the following is responsible for establishing IS Audit function in the organisation?

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what are the different types of codes in thread in windows os?

0 Answers   HP, IBM, Reliance,

Which one you will use to implement critical section?

2 Answers   HCL,

Hi, I'm now using windows 7 in my desktop. I have used a lot of audio recording and editing software but most of then doesn't support the compatibility of win7 and often disturbs. So can anyone tell me which one would be the best audio recording and editing software for win7? Thanks Emanali

1 Answers  

What is AD/AM in Windows2003?

1 Answers   Accenture, Mphasis, ASD Lab,

Purposes, features and functions of windows 98 and xp. i am struggling with this because i have to compare their strenths and weaknesses, please can i get help?

0 Answers  

Which one is not needed for Multi-program enviornment? 1) virtual memory 2) security 3) time sharing 4) none of the above.

7 Answers   Siemens,

how do u share printer through FTP(fire transfer protocol)?

1 Answers  

cannot copy (file name)- access is denied,

4 Answers  

if thread a,b,c have Max,Min,Normal priorty what is N0. in below set they correspond to.Something like (2,0,1)

0 Answers   Honeywell,

can any one know about NIC (National Informatics Centre) questions Patterns and full detail about written exam, and interview send to softshikha2005@yahoo.com.in Thank you

0 Answers   NIC,

explain readers-writers problem?

0 Answers  

1.Can anyone tell how to install os manually? and is there any problem to install os? 2. Can anyone tell how to resolve the blue screen error to install os

6 Answers   Wipro,