why /etc/shadow file do not have any permission ?

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am installed windows and later i installed ubuntu i want to unistall ubuntu can any one tel the procedure to uninstall ubuntu in my windows 7 please mail to me ---kiranpulsar2007@gmail.com and later i want to install ubuntu after uninstalling ubuntu tel the procedure for that also i dont know to patrition the hard disk drive please tel to them please reply

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What are the questions we are expecting for 2yrs. experience guy for linux company interview questions?

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1.how to know cpu information on linux system? 2.how to hardware information on linux system? 3.if we add the new user what are the files will be changed? 4.how to remove the cache in squid server ? 5.how to know ur useing 32bit r 64 bit os ? 6.at booting process at init level which file it is reads? 7.if ur system performance is show what can u do ? 8.if ur file system corrupted what can u do ? fsck also not working? 9.how did u do health check in linux? 10.how did u check system performance in linux? 11.how did u create NIS server? give me the steps ? 12.how did u add a packages in linux ? 13.how did u know depended packages for any package useing rpm how u know? 14.how did you monitor cronjobs in linux ? 15.what is the use of logroted? and how did u do ? 16.port no is already in use so what canu do for that in http? 17.how to samba configurated are not ? there are any command for that ? 18.how to create a NTP Client using commands ? not as graphical... 19.how to know how many members are using any service? like ftp are any other services? 20.what is the differences between cmp,diff,comm commands?

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How to trace any process background processing?

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why you are using nis server

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I have accidently deleted my fstab... how do i recover/ regenerate the file?????? in rescue mode i cannot create a new file since the filesystem is readonly and could not mount in readwrite mode ?????????

6 Answers   IBM,

How is the difference between ftp and sftp ? and explain how to create ftp server and sftp server with example ?

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What is the difference between home directory and working directory?

10 Answers   Accenture, Flexi,

What file should you examine to determine the defined runlevels for your system?

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What is page-in and page-out in redhat linux?

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tell me some of the Linux HotKeys do you know?

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what is the difference between NIS and DNS...?

5 Answers   IBM,

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