why /etc/shadow file do not have any permission ?

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Without using w command how can Iknow that who are users logged in and what they are doing and whether they are idle or running mode?

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What is the difference between ext3 and ext4?

0 Answers   IBM,

1.how to know cpu information on linux system? 2.how to hardware information on linux system? 3.if we add the new user what are the files will be changed? 4.how to remove the cache in squid server ? 5.how to know ur useing 32bit r 64 bit os ? 6.at booting process at init level which file it is reads? 7.if ur system performance is show what can u do ? 8.if ur file system corrupted what can u do ? fsck also not working? 9.how did u do health check in linux? 10.how did u check system performance in linux? 11.how did u create NIS server? give me the steps ? 12.how did u add a packages in linux ? 13.how did u know depended packages for any package useing rpm how u know? 14.how did you monitor cronjobs in linux ? 15.what is the use of logroted? and how did u do ? 16.port no is already in use so what canu do for that in http? 17.how to samba configurated are not ? there are any command for that ? 18.how to create a NTP Client using commands ? not as graphical... 19.how to know how many members are using any service? like ftp are any other services? 20.what is the differences between cmp,diff,comm commands?

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What is Hard mount and soft Mount?

0 Answers   Cap Gemini,

what is the difference betweenh the NFS and FTP?

4 Answers   IBM,

what is memory mapped / IO mapped ? Which calls used for this to access any hardware address in linux device driver ?

3 Answers   Broadcom,

cups stands for..?

6 Answers   IBM,

how u use the iptable firewall to restrict ssh,telnet,ftp

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How to Trouble shoot performance issue in RHEL administration ? please give to one example

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There are 4 network Interfaces, how can we find which one is Primary.

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How to Create NIS Server And NIS Client? Explain With Example?

1 Answers   Cisco,

what are acl permissions..? what is automation of jobs..?

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