why /etc/shadow file do not have any permission ?

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what is memory mapped / IO mapped ? Which calls used for this to access any hardware address in linux device driver ?

3 Answers   Broadcom,

why you are using nis server

2 Answers  

there are many IPC mechanisms available in Linux ? Which one is best to use and when ?

1 Answers   Broadcom,

My root password has been changed, how can i enter into the system without root password?

6 Answers  

what are the default permissions for files and folders..?

8 Answers   IBM,

You want to create a compressed backup of the users' home directories. What utility should you use?

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How does the boot process[init levels] work on Linux? How is it different from Solaris?

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There are 4 network Interfaces, how can we find which one is Primary.

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How to know what are the packages required for any service? Example: How to know what are the package required for send mail services. using any command it is passable are not?

2 Answers   OnMobile,

i want some basic level enterview questions can any one can help me in this

1 Answers   TCL,

How to trace any process background processing?

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This question is belong to linux support. "one of my customer told to me, my application is getting slow response". how to resolve the issue. what are the steps you will follow to resolve the issue.

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