Hi everyone i want to learn Devops in Hyderabad can anyone please suggest me best institute.

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What are the basic commands in LINUX?

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1. Why "d" is postfix in almost every service name of Linux like httpd, dhcpd? 2. how to restrict su & ssh services for some users? 3. how can we configure a default gateway for 10 n/w cards in a server?

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Hi All of Unix/Linux professional Q.Why soft link file not open by cat command. Ihave make following symbolic link but when i open with #cat linkfilename it does not oped please see the following code and try to answer. # ln -s file1 ~/mydir/filea [root@dhcppc0 ~]# cd mydir [root@dhcppc0 mydir]# ls -l total 4 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 5 2010-04-04 09:04 filea -> file1 [root@dhcppc0 mydir]# cat filea cat: filea: No such file or directory

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To move /home/ben/memos dir in /home/bob/memos, what is the result by mv /home/ben/memos /home/bob

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what is the command to make a process to run in the background from foreground?

5 Answers   Patni,

have you ever got warning message from unix admin that file system running out of space or not enough disk space?what will u do?

5 Answers   HP,

what is major and minor?

2 Answers   IBM,

I want to built a fire wall using iptables. My condition is " inbound to with a port of 80 from should accept"

6 Answers   NetEnrich,

What is the command to find the hardware configuration in Linux?

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How to schedule cron backup to run on 4th saturday of month??

9 Answers   HCL,

Compare between SYS V launched processes and Xinetd processes in Linux.

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why context switching time should be minimum? How it depends on hardware support?

0 Answers   Flipkart,