Hi everyone i want to learn Devops in Hyderabad can anyone please suggest me best institute.

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how is "to run even after user logs out"

2 Answers   Google,

How will retrieves incoming mails from different web sites

2 Answers   HCL, HP,

Display the Disk Usage of file sizes under each directory in currentDirectory ?

8 Answers  

what is the difference between service and process?

7 Answers   IBM,

What would you do when all the processess hangs and there is no other option in unix?

3 Answers   HP,

what is command for "calj2007"

2 Answers   Google,

when i create SAMBA server it is ok but while i try for access from windows pc he ask me only first time smb password then i close samba login next time he can`t ask for passwd why.?

4 Answers   Wipro,

how do u extract files from iso cd images in linux?

5 Answers   Wipro,

How to hide the partition in GRUB booting? (This technique is required when you have more that one Windows system on different partitions of the same disk, let us say the first and second partitions of the first hard drive, to boot from the first partition you must hide the second one)

2 Answers  

Linux system monitoring Tools?

6 Answers   IBM, HCL,

have you ever got warning message from unix admin that file system running out of space or not enough disk space?what will u do?

5 Answers   HP,

In Linux how you set time a limit on quota?

1 Answers   Mind Tree,

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