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can suggest me a coaching center which will teach AMVI syllabus numbers is 9553358427 and email is

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hi this is mallikarjun.I am studying 4th year cse i need to write group2 exam.I don't anything about this.Please give information about syllabus and what posts r there under this category.please mail it to

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I did not got the hall ticket for group2(Andhra Pradesh),how can I got it through net

3 Answers   APPSC,

Hi, friends i want to check my answers with recent group-II question paper on 22.3.09,Plz tell the website or send the answer.I am waiting for ur reply............

2 Answers   TNPSC Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission, Wilson,

i want to know details about group intrested in socilogoy sub...i want to prepair telugu language...pls ans to my ques..give me details abt

0 Answers   UPSC,

What is meant by science congress and its rules. plz give me brief explaination.

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hi doesn't RC REDDY STUDY CIRCLE provide classes for group 2 in English medium?

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When will the next announcment for group-2.

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World Economic Forum head quarters is located at?

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i saw one column in Groups notification that is special recruitment it is for engineering condidates. here my doubt is it comes under Groups or it come another time. if yes please tell me when it come. Actually i m in student, i prepared Groups under catagory of special recruitment please give me the information in brieflly its urgent. thank u

0 Answers   VVS,

send group II pervious question papers

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request forward appsc group-II all others previous question papers for the year 2000-09.

2 Answers   APPSC, IBM,

can i get group 2 telugu medium meterial through mail

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